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How we can help.

IPC's consultancy services are rooted in academic research, offering governments access to evidence-based strategies and methodologies in early childhood education. Drawing upon the latest research in child development, pedagogy, and educational psychology, IPC provides comprehensive curriculum frameworks, professional development programs, and quality assurance mechanisms tailored to the needs of diverse populations.

By incorporating best practices gleaned from academic literature and educational research, IPC ensures that its consultancy services are both effective and cost-efficient for governments.

UNESCO Action Plans

IPC can provide valuable support to governments in aligning their early childhood education initiatives with UNESCO action plans. By offering comprehensive curriculum frameworks, professional development programs for educators, and quality assurance mechanisms, IPC enables governments to implement evidence-based strategies that promote holistic development in young children.

Curriculum Design

By adopting or integrating IPC's curriculum principles, governments can ensure that preschools across their jurisdiction offer high-quality educational experiences that prepare children for future academic success. Additionally, IPC's expertise in curriculum development can support governments in tailoring educational content to the unique cultural, linguistic, and developmental needs of their population, fostering inclusive and equitable early childhood education initiatives.


The International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) serves as a valuable partner for governments seeking to enhance early childhood education initiatives and outcomes within their jurisdictions. By collaborating with IPC, governments can tap into a wealth of expertise, resources, and proven methodologies to strengthen preschool education systems and improve educational outcomes for young children.

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