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Family Involvement takes center stage

Why IPC International Preschools?

  • At IPC, we place families at the forefront.  Our research indicates that more than 40% of learning takes place at home and in order for us to maximize the learning process, we provide families with a home based curriculum to strengthen and reinforce learning in the classroom.

  • IPC focuses on bilingualism to ensure that all students are immersed into a learning environment that facilitates early adoption of second and third languages.

  • Our curriculum is developed to the highest international standards, conforming to national standards in the US, UK and Singapore.

  • International education is about choice. Upon completion, IPC graduates have a wide range of education options that include being better prepared for international education options.

  • We ensure that all IPC schools adhere to safety standards that include compliance with local health and safety requirements and offer mandatory training for all IPC teachers.

  • All IPC teachers are trained in accordance with international best practices and complete a 6 month vocational training course developed by an ex teaching fellow of Harvard University.