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Family Involvement takes center stage

Why IPC International Preschools?

  • At IPC, we place families at the forefront.  Our research indicates that more than 40% of learning takes place at home and in order for us to maximize the learning process, we provide families with a home based curriculum to strengthen and reinforce learning in the classroom.

  • IPC focuses on bilingualism to ensure that all students are immersed into a learning environment that facilitates early adoption of second and third languages.

  • Our curriculum is developed to the highest international standards, conforming to national standards in the US, UK and Singapore.

  • International education is about choice. Upon completion, IPC graduates have a wide range of education options that include being better prepared for international education options.

  • We ensure that all IPC schools adhere to safety standards that include compliance with local health and safety requirements and offer mandatory training for all IPC teachers.

  • All IPC teachers are trained in accordance with international best practices and complete a 6 month vocational training course developed by an ex teaching fellow of Harvard University.

IPC Content Learning Areas in Action

 More than ABCs and 123s

Our structured curriculum provides so much more than what many previously thought was possible at an early age.  We now know that some of the simplest activities can have very advanced outcomes.  We also base all of our activities on peer reviewed academic research ensuring that IPC methodology is both tested and relevant.

Our curriculum covers more than 2000 learning objectives which are achieved through fun play based activities that harness the learning profile. 


In Good Hands

Teacher Training.jpg

IPC teachers are highly trained, receiving a minimum mandatory IPC related training of 6 months.  In addition, IPC schools abide by stringent safety related guidelines that are designed to ensure consistent safety standards at all IPC locations.


We believe that IPC schools and teachers should strive to the highest professional standards at all times and implemented a code of conduct for teachers since 2010.  

The IPC Code of Ethical Conduct for Teachers places a professional responsibility on all teaching staff at any IPC location.  Serious transgressions of the Code may result in the school losing authorization.  This legal document requires staff to adhere to the highest standards and act in a professional manner at all times.  To read the full document, please go to Code of Ethical Conduct

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