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For more than 10 years, IPC International Preschools has pioneered as the world's first international ECE franchise opportunity.  It is the only franchise opportunity which meets several national standards and is the most geographically represented ECE chain in the world making it a true opportunity in the international education market. 

International education is booming, owing in part to a strong demand for greater educational choice and an increase in bilingualism where English is increasingly being taught from a young age. 

With more than 90% of IPC schools remaining in business after 5 years, the IPC model is a proven model that outshines the industry average.

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Join in 3 Steps

1.  Review the Minimum Requirements for Affiliation

All of the following requirements must be met in order to be considered as a candidate for IPC affiliation:

  1. If your country has a licensing structure for preschool centers or academic centers for children aged between 0 and 6, you have to obtain a license before applying to join the IPC.  If you join as a franchise, this requirement will be waived, but you may not start accepting enrollments until a license is granted. If your country does not have a licensing structure, then you have to demonstrate that you are capable of meeting the IPC Standards for Accreditation. 

  2. You will be able to demonstrate that you have the financial capability to operate a childcare business, including but not limited to the ability to recruit and retain suitably qualified and experienced staff and honour your IPC related expenses at all times.

  3. You have to agree to abide by the IPC Code of Ethical Conduct for Schools and ensure that your teachers abide by the IPC Code of Ethical Conduct for Teachers at all times.

  4. You have to acquire or identify a facility that is safe and suitable for the operation of a preschool.  The facility needs to meet all safety related requirements in the IPC Standards for Accreditation document. 

2.  Contact the IPC

Contact us with a detailed description of your plans or if you already own a preschool, provide as much information on how you think the IPC would be a good fit for your business.  We will determine your eligibility and provide you with a bespoke proposal that best fits your needs. 

3.  Review Agreements & Other Documents

Once you have discussed pricing and other key details, you will be presented with an agreement for review.  Only schools that reach an agreement with IPC can access IPC materials and begin to showcase their affiliation with IPC.


Benefits for Schools

1.  Branding - The IPC offers a co-branding structure that allows you to use your own brand.  Our team of designers will work with you in creating a custom brand that includes the following:

  1.  Logo

  2.  Brand development

  3.  Website design and development

  4.  Business cards, letterheads, stationery etc.

  5. Ability to use IPC insignia on all branding

2.   Marketing & Advertising - We have been closely associated with more than 100 start up preschools and know how to get the best results.  Whether you are an established school or a start up, our marketing benefits will help you grow:

  1.  Professional and customized advert designs for publication, posters, billboards etc.

  2.  Custom marketing plan and strategy for your school

  3.  Press release in your local market

  4.  Periodic coverage on IPC social media properties and website with a weekly reach of 2 million

3.  Teacher & Leader Training - Developed by an ex teaching fellow of Harvard University's Education Faculty and directed by Dr. Rebecca Reynolds, the IPC Teacher Training Course is a rigorous vocational certificate course that all IPC teachers are required to complete.  Benefits include:

  1.  Online Teacher training for up to 9 teachers per year.  (Each additional teacher thereafter $250)

  2.  Unlimited guidance and support from IPC's Education Director

  3.  Access to leadership courses for directors and owners

  4.  Practical guides developed by leading experts on topics that include parent management, crisis prevention, classroom layouts and more.

4.  School Management Software - A propriety software as a service (SAAS) platform designed exclusively for IPC schools.  

  1. Manage student databases quickly and efficiently 

  2. Generate invoices automatically

  3. Manage prospective enrollments and leads

  4.  Automatically flag outstanding accounts or overdue immunizations 

5.  International Preschool Curriculum - The world's most international curriculum for children aged 6 months to 6 years.  

  1. 57 Thematic Units Available in English, Chinese, French, Spanish and Vietnamese. 

  2. Peer reviewed and based on academic research

  3. Developed by doctoral team of education experts

  4.  Emergent Literacy Library of more that 100 titles referenced throughout the curriculum

  5. Access to over 6,000 learning materials including flashcards, wallboards and posters

  6. ​Assessment Guides and indicators for periodic assessment 

6.  Enrollment Assistance  - We assist with your enrollment requests and provide the information you need to make it a seamless process.

  1. Leads management

  2. Template enrollment forms and medical forms customized to your needs

  3.  Open day and other enrollment related events

7.  Ongoing Support - Each IPC location has its own IPC Relationship Manager who will work closely with you and your team to best achieve your needs.

  1. Daily email and phone support

  2. Handles and manages all aspects of your involvement with IPC including training, marketing, design services etc.

  3.  Your first point of contact available for immediate assistance during office hours.

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