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A Piece of Cake Parent Newsletter


Dear Family

Over the next few weeks, we will be learning all about birthdays in our unit, “A Piece of Cake.” We will start our new IPC thematic unit with inquiry and play-based study, and then examine learning objectives for the core competency areas of language arts, science, technology, art, numeracy, social and emotional skills and motor skills.  

We will learn about the meaning and significance of birthdays and the food and games at birthday parties. Towards the end of the study period, we will even make, decorate and eat our own cupcakes!


How this unit meets the IPC Six Core Content Learning Areas.


In Language Arts we will read some classic titles including “Happy Birthday Moon” and “Froggy Bakes a Cake.”  We will also play games to recognize the alphabet, and sing birthday songs.


In Creative Arts we will use our imagination to color and decorate pictures of cakes. We will also be encouraged to stand in front of the class and
discuss our creation and describe what it would taste like.


In Social & Emotional Skills, we will discuss how we celebrate birthdays and how we make others feel special on their birthday’s.


In Science we will explore measuring and how ingredients interact with one another, to ultimately create a delicious cake.


In Numeracy, we will be measuring ingredients, identifying and naming shapes, making size comparisons and counting.


In Gross Motor Skills we will work on our balancing skills, and work our way through an obstacle course.



5 Great ways to Reinforce Learning at Home
The IPC’s research confirms that family involvement in a child’s education is vital in fostering the development of early learning skills that are also essential in later life.  We therefore encourage parents to engage their child in everyday learning activities.


Encourage creativity and sentimentality by creating birthday cards together, instead of purchasing them.


Reinforce awareness of shapes by having your child point out the various shapes of objects.


Encourage self-expression by discussing with your child what they like to do and how they feel on their birthday.


Refine numeracy skills by having your child measure ingredients to assist you in cooking.


Encourage exercise and develop motor skills by practicing birthday games such as musical chairs and hopscotch.

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Download the IPC Family Curriculum for more at home learning activities.