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IPC Spotlight Pakistan - The Learning Circle

For the latest IPC International Preschools Spotlight, we travel to the picturesque city of Faisalabad in Pakistan. The Learning Circle started operating in July 2019, and has been an IPC International Preschool since its inception.

The Learning Circle is a prime example of a true success story and even in the face of he global pandemic, has seen their student numbers grow to 460. In order to ensure the children receive the best possible education, The Learning Circle employs no fewer than 81 staff members, the majority of whom being teachers.

The school has become a preschool of choice in bustling Faisalabad, and is not only in demand with parents locally, but also has students from Canada, Japan, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Sweden, making it a truly global teaching institution.

The Learning Circle attracted hundreds of students the past three and a half years despite the stringent Covid restrictions imposed for much of that period and the challenges faced by the pandemic, during which the school successfully managed to “continue the process of learning, keeping the essence or spirit of a classroom alive.”

The Learning Circle also apportions a large part of its success due to the fact that ir is an authorized IPC School and Daycare facility adhering to high standards in international education.

“As an IPC school we take pride in providing quality education in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, stimulating learning with a child-centered approach”, The Learning Circle explain, adding: “We provide many state of the art facilities including a student Gymnasium, Squash and Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool, Table Tennis, Basketball and Horseback riding to name a few. We understand that choosing the right educational institute for your child is an important decision; therefore, we strive to meet the expectations of the families that join the TLC community.”

In addition, The Learning Circle reveal that “IPC International Preschools is the most age appropriate curriculum that is designed meticulously according to the learning needs of students. It doesn’t only enhance the cognitive abilities of students but supports teachers in a way that they themselves enjoy teaching it.”

Similarly, parents at The Learning Circle are incessant in their glowing reviews of the school.

One mother, Aiza Zia, reveals: “It has been a precious experience as my daughter has flourished a lot. The school faculty puts in all their efforts to make my child confident, independent and creative. It facilitates your child to the utmost level by providing all the opportunities like horse riding, Taekwondo, music, gym and many other fun activities. My child is learning in a healthy environment and every passing day she is becoming more innovative and bright.”

These sentiments are shared by Muhammad Ahsan, who adds, “The learning circle is no doubt undefeated by its schooling with American standards and the most loving Daycare in the town. Allah bless you, a very good initiative for a better education and a fantastic road map for glorious future.”

And finally, Tehmina Asim, a proud and grateful grandmother concludes: “Our experience at the TLC has been exceptional Alhamdulillah! it is no doubt the Best School in Faisalabad. The teachers are amazing the curriculum is second to none.

“My grandchild has made brilliant progress he loves his school and his teachers. The academic program is simply great! It gives the children more confidence when asking questions engaging in group activities and opportunities for one on one time with the teachers. I have seen my grandchild gain confidence in his learning abilities. Our family is grateful to the Team TLC.”


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