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IPC Spotlight – Willow Early Education (Algeria)

In the IPC International Preschools’ latest Spotlight, we shift our gaze to Algeria, or more precisely to its capital city of Algiers.

Here we will find Willow Early Education, which, despite the restraints of the pandemic, has grown to become a successful and expanding institution since joining the IPC in 2019, the year in which it was also founded.

Over the past three years, Willow Early Education has grown to currently boast 100 students, hailing from no fewer than ten different countries and who are taught by 30 teachers and educators.

As is the case with most countries, Algeria has eased off on some of its Covid restrictions, but Willow Early Education continues to apply several precautionary measures, such as the wearing of face-masks, social distancing, temperature screenings and regular sanitizing of hands and surfaces.

The school, like so many other IPC schools located in 55 countries across the globe, faced severe challenges during the successive lockdowns during the pandemic.

Speaking to IPC International Preschools, Willow Early Education Head, Mrs. Soumia Hamadi, said some of their biggest obstacles have been to ensure online courses. While this poses a challenge in itself, the intermittent access to the Internet further hampered the efforts of educators to provide students with lessons at the height of the pandemic.