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IPC Visits Japan.

IPC International Preschools is proud to dedicate this newsletter to reflect on a recent visit to Japan. A tour of this highly developed country with its very high standard of living and human development index, underlined the excellent work being done by IPC preschools in Japan. IPC membership has also seen our schools attain high levels of excellence as students learn and absorb information at a rapid rate and emphasize the undeniable importance of early years education. Shortly after Japan staged the Rugby World Cup, which players, administrators and fans termed the best tournament ever, IPC Preschools paid a visit to three of our schools located in the land of the rising sun. The excellent organization of this sporting event reinforced Japan’s standing on the global stage as a welcoming country and not just one that exerts worldwide economic and political influence. After the prominence the country gained from hosting the world’s third most-viewed sporting event, it is now in the final stretch of preparation for the premier global sporting event, the Olympics, which will be staged in Tokyo in 2020. It was clear during the IPC visit that the people of Japan have gone the extra mile in welcoming guests to their country, with traditional Japanese hospitality now being combined with an increased desire in being able to learn and communicate in English. Education has been at the forefront of Japan’s development in the second half of the 20th century and now into the new millennium. The importance of setting a strong foundation in obtaining an education as early as possible is clearly evident in a country that benefits from a highly skilled and educated workforce; it has among the world's largest proportion of citizens holding a tertiary education degree. It was therefore with great pride that we learned that Japanese education authorities have repeatedly praised IPC schools during their frequent visits to these institutions. During the IPC visits three of our schools, which took us to cities including Yokohama and Kawasaki, the great work being done at these preschools was evident, and the development of children truly astonishing.


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