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School Spotlight : Orange Tree

After visiting the cooler climes of Calgary in Canada in our previous IPC

School spotlight, we now shift our gaze to sunny Dubai to the Orange

Tree Children’s Nursery.

Orange Tree prides itself on the fact that they are the first preschool in

the Middle East to follow the International Preschool Curriculum.

The school is based in a stunning setting that has proven itself conducive

to learning and has been a hit with both parents and children and can

now claim to be one of the most reputable preschools in the region.

The school’s success is further underlined by the fact that it has recently

branched out to Oman in response to a growing need for quality


The school is also the constant recipient of glowing reviews from

parents. “My twins just love their class and the activities; so much that each day

they wake up early and look forward to going to their school “, says Kajal

Vivek Kumar of Orange Tree.

AHer comments are supported by Liezl Tullao Coronado who says her

daughter’s day at the nursery are filled with fun activities and she

receives daily reports in her progress that are used to work with at

home. “From one parent to another, you will not regret choosing Orange Tree

to take care for your child.”


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