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Can kidz Pre School is a division of Shri Sai Manglam Educational Trust. Can Kidz Pre School continues to provide high quality and innovative programs for children aged from toddler to kindergarten. Exceptional teachers, low student to teacher ratios and inspiring children to have a true love for learning are just a few examples of why Can Kidz Pre School is known for building a solid educational foundation for young children.



The primary purpose of Can kidz Pre School is to provide the community with a program that responds to not only the intellectual and physical needs, but also to the emotional and social needs of the developing child. our children will be given a special place, within a natural environment, where they will be allowed to grow and blossom at their own individual pace, and where they will be respected for their own unique contribution to the group.


1.INFANT (0 years – 1 years)

The first transition into school is always the hardest! Can Kidz provides safe infant classrooms for your baby to explore. We provide many opportunities for your infant to explore their senses and build foundations to last a lift time. We offer a flexible schedule that is custom-made for your child. We assist the children to slowly transition to a more structured day as they near 18 months and transition into the Toddler class.

2. TODDLER (1 years – 3 years)

Busy Bodies are found here! Our qualified staff ensure many materials are available to keep these busy bodies busy exploring! We provide classrooms which have unique and natural materials to allow your children to explore. Our teachers document and plan according to the children’s interest allowing ample opportunity to develop; gross motor, fine motor, social/ emotional, cognitive skills and much more! Our extensive theme curriculum is used to teach topics such as Animals, Things Around the Home, and about themselves. Activities such as yoga are integrated each day to aid in their physical development. We also encourage independence through daily routines and support students as they learn to be more independent, develop group and life skills, and show consideration for their friends.

3. CANKIDZ JUNIOR (3 years – 4 years)

Preparing for big school happens here! Our staff provide many opportunities to help your Can Kidzer prepare for Kindergarten. Can Kidz offers unique classrooms full of engaging materials to promote learning. We focus of self-help skills, cognitive skills, gross and fine motor skills and much more. We provide children with opportunities to explore and be social with their classmates and teachers. Our staff are continuously documenting their observations and providing materials to enhance their interests. We also provide many loose part materials and allow our children to explore freely and express their thoughts.

4. CANKIDZ SENIOR (4 year – 6 year)

During Preschool, children enjoy learning through a wide variety of social studies and science based topics – starting with familiar topics like the classroom surroundings, their family and home, and progressing to other areas of interest, such as Space, Dinosaurs, Mini Beasts and Road and Rail Transportation. Children enjoy art and craft, music and drama, story time and cooking associated with these topics. Exposure to sight words is also one of the first steps towards building basic reading and writing skills, which helps children to transition smoothly into Junior Kinder. Students also begin Pre-writing activities with a view to handwriting practice in the second half of the year.

Cankidz Pre School

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