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Kiddy Planet is a Montessori Bilingual School, Located in Libreville, Gabon ( Central Africa) We are a dynamic, bilingual and multi-national community reflecting the diverse culture and rich educational resources of the region.

We offer a complete range of educational services for children aged one through six years old, including before and after school activities, and summer programs.

Every parent wants the “best school” for their child, but no single school is right for everyone. Instead, the “best school” is the one that best understands and supports each and every child individually.

While web sites and catalogs provide important information, the only way to know if a school is really the

"Best school” for your child is to see it in operation, feel its spirit, and experience the interactions among children and between them and the teachers.

Please, take a look at our website: and our Facebook page: @kiddyplanetLBV

We know that the Montessori Method of learning prepares children to lead a successful and happy life. We combine hands-on, active learning materials: independent and individualized learning dedicated, trained teachers. Children learn many skills which will help them to succeed in life.

Our classrooms are furnished in a way that materials are accessible to children to care for their own needs and to be independent in their choice of activities in different corners or centers such as: Sensorial, Math, Practical life, Reading & language, Cultural subjects etc…

Our garden is full of trees, plants, flowers and of course an area for student’s plantations. Outdoor learning experiences foster independence, raise self-esteem and create a positive attitude towards learning. In our garden, children begin to observe and appreciate life’s little phenomena, learn patience, and develop a sense of trust in nature. We have rabbits, turtles, hens, roosters, chicks, birds, snails, lizards etc… Outdoor activities allow children to become aware of their environment through their 5 senses.

Our Mission is your Child

We accept the responsibility in partnership with parents to provide a bilingual educational program through the Montessori Method of learning which considers the emotional, intellectual, physical, social and academic development of the total child by addressing the uniqueness of each child in an excellent diverse environment that prepares and guides children for their future educational endeavors.

Our Vision is the Future

Our vision is for all children to reach their full potential as collaborative and independent learners, by providing a Montessori bilingual education that nurtures their spirits, as they grow up to become engaged citizens of the world.

Kiddy Planet - A Montessori Bilingual School

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