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Here the crew of MINI-CAS take a serious look at the current state of the country under the "Socialist" President, François Mitterrand, and the secret activities of his "Superior Secretary". Over the course of three days, the story's successive scenarios and opening vignettes provide insight into the country's politics and politicians. The characters, barely disguised caricatures of themselves, employ the ready wit and great sense of humor that have made the "CAS" so popular with audiences. The second part of the film concerns Mitterrand's effort to hold a successful legislative election in spring of 1986. Events depict the scenes of a fight for the "rallye du bahut" (the rally of the hundred chairs), a loosely organized opposition party seeking to challenge Mitterrand's political control of the country. The contest is reminiscent of the fictional parliamentary game (out-of-date at this point) Punch and Judy. The political satire and election scenes feature the many characters and events of France's political life.  French official production A French-language television version of the film, directed by Patrick Bézier, was broadcast on France 2 in September 1992. Footnotes References External links Category:French films Category:1985 films Category:Films directed by André Stabilo Category:Films shot in Monaco Category:Films shot in Paris Category:Films set in France Category:Films set in the 1980s Category:Films set in the 1970s Category:Films set in the 1960s Category:French satirical films Category:French-language films Category:French political satire filmsIntratracheal transplantation of autologous hepatocyte-enriched bone marrow cells into rats. The aim of the study was to investigate whether the injection of human hepatocyte-enriched bone marrow (HBBM) cells through the trachea could improve liver function and survival after 90% hepatectomy in a rat model. A total of 54 Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into the following groups: the control group, the uniportal hepatectomy group, the uniportal hepatectomy + saline group, and the uniportal hepatectomy + HBBM group. Rats were anesthetized, and their hair was removed from the trunk. The




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Oss 117 Lost In Rio English Subtitles Torrent 2 talvene

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