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Review of our National Alignment Documents

From UNESCO Action Plans to National Curriculum Drafting

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Education For the World.

Our mission is to strengthen and harmonize standards in Early Childhood Education (ECE) globally.  Since our inception in 2008, IPC was launched as the world's first internationally recognized ECE program.  In order to achieve international benchmarking standards, IPC set out to develop a curriculum that would meet or exceed some of the highest national standards including but not limited to US, Singapore, UK and several others. It is no accident that governments from around the world engage IPC for consultancy, national framework development, assessment development, UNESCO Action Plan guidance and regulatory and supervisory support. 

With an all doctorate academic team, IPC's involvement in cutting edge ECE research places our clients at a major advantage in achieving high quality results while significantly reducing development costs.  Our government consultancy packages can be tailored to suit most requirements and budgets.

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