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The Most Rewarding Opportunity

Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to start a new school or an owner looking to convert your school to IPC, we have flexible and affordable options.

IPC is the world's original international childcare franchise available on 6 continents. 

Locations worldwide

IPC International Preschools has affiliated centers on 6 continents and facilitates the education of more than 20,000 learners worldwide. Joining IPC is a mark of excellence that parens trust and few centers achieve.

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As an organisation with experience handling over 300 schools around the world, IPC has developed a recipe for success that goes beyond brand recognition. Our proprietary curriculum, management software, in-depth training, and substantive handbooks make IPC an obvious partner in growing your school. 

Grow with the leaders

Owning an IPC location is an honorable social enterprise that uplifts local communities while proving to be a highly profitable and respected business. 

By providing your local community with high level education, you are contributing to the likelihood of success for our next generation and empowering your teachers and staff with international best practice training.

Few businesses offer such a significant social impact. Owning an IPC school is a contribution to your community that empowers, uplifts and facilitates long term social and economic benefits.

Community Impact

We provide extensive one-on-one support with a dedicated relationship manager assigned to each school.  As a direct contact with IPC, you will have unlimited access to telephone or email consultancy, marketing support, licensing assistance, regulatory assistance, safety training and more.


Our worldwide experience with hundreds of schools has helped us fine tune strategic approaches to the most common problems.  Whether it is how to best manage your finances, evaluate staff or hone in on your professional skills, our practical guides provide clear guidelines with case studies to elevate your skills and empower you to higher levels. 


Our academically researched and referenced curriculum combines play based learning with actionable objectives that are aligned to meet or exceed several respected national standards.  This has ensured that IPC is the only internationally recognised curriculum for early childhood to date. 

Up to 88% of parents surveyed at IPC schools, rank curriculum as the number one driving factor when choosing a school. 

Academically Researched Education

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