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Onsite Teacher & Leadership Training.

Advisory Board

Have one of our consultants join your school's advisory board for seamless guidance and expert involvement.

Crises Management

Preempt issues before they start and know what to expect.


Be inspected to the highest international standards and receive guidance on common 

Expert Guidance Costs Less at IPC 

We have been involved with more than 200 schools across the globe and have encountered all aspects of establishing and operating schools that range in size up to 5,000 students.  IPC offers tailored consultancy programs to address the concerns of owners and administrators while providing invaluable input from the organization's vast wealth of expert knowledge and experience. 

Consultancy options vary in price but start at $850 per day, per senior consultant*

In addition to tailored consultancy options, IPC offers all its schools access to Professional Guides that range on topics such as Classroom Management to Effective Parent Communication.  These documents are prepared by consultancy experts for the benefit of all IPC clients.

We also offer all IPC schools unlimited consultancy.†

*Price per day does not include travel and accommodation costs if applicable. 

†Unlimited consultancy is via email, your IPC relationship manager, or phone only.  Appointments for sessions needs to be requested with your IPC relationship manager.  Onsite consultancy fees apply. 

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