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Education for the World.

So much more than a curriculum.

Founded in 2008 as the world's first truly international early childhood education curriculum, IPC serves schools and communities in over 70 countries. 

The International Preschool Curriculum

IPC International Preschools offers a comprehensive program following the highest international standards.  The International Preschool Curriculum® also known as IPC® was developed by doctorate educators as the world's first international early childhood syllabus and is the only program to align its indicators to various national standards. 

See our Infant & Toddler Curriculum

See our L1 - L3 Preschool Curriculum

See our UK EYFS Curriculum

See our Family Curriculum

The International Preschool Curriculum

IPC Pathways to Lifelong Learning

Infant & Toddler

Level 3

Prepared for entry to various national  systems, IB & Cambridge schools

Level 1 & 2

Join the International Leaders in Early Childhood Education

IPC International Preschools has affiliated centers on 6 continents and facilitates the education of more than 20,000 learners worldwide. Joining IPC is a mark of excellence that parents trust and few centers achieve.

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Convert your school to IPC

Start a new IPC school


Our qualification courses and training programs are designed to ensure consistency of high quality education at all IPC schools.

Safety & Professionalism

All IPC schools abide by an ethical code of conduct and an optional accreditation process to ensure best practices for safety and professionalism.

Classroom Support

From layout guides to consultancy, IPC has a team of experts that can ensure that your classroom environments are conducive to lifelong learning.

IPC Benefits

Whether you're a parent, teacher or school, see what IPC can do for you.

Accreditation & Branding

IPC offers your school a powerful global brand.  Gain access to IPC logos, design services, uniforms and more.

Curriculum & Assessment

All IPC schools gain immediate access to our comprehensive curriculum program that caters for children from 6 months to 6 years.


Our proprietary learning management software will assist your staff with attendance, billing, enrollments and downloads.

Open a School

Join a globally recognised brand and form part of a fast growing education concept that has seen tremendous demand in countries across the world.  Broaden your enrollments to an internationally minded audience that appreciates high quality education and values the supervisory nature of an international organisation such as IPC. 


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